What is nWave iContent?

nWave iContent is a new platform developed to deliver nWave iContent Films using the latest in cloud technology.

Components to the nWave iContent

-Cloud controlled servers containing nWave iContent and delivering it to your theater in the highest quality possible

-iPads with custom created interactive games your guests will play while waiting in the queue

nWave iContent Games

-Our games geared towards children ages K-12 in combination with nWave movies playing in your theater

-Game development will be ongoing and can be customized for your facility

-The iPad screens can be customized to assist selling sponsors and/or providing recognition to your museum‘s supporters

-The iPads can be used to enhance a special event with interactive nWave iContent created for the event

nWave iContent Delivery System

-The new Mac Pro server will deliver all nWave iContent

-Connected to your existing infrastructure or plan your new installation around the Mac Pro

-The image quality is outstanding. In a recent test, nWave iContent, running on the Mac Pro, outperformed a broadcast server that is nearly 10x more expensive

And more ...

-The nWave iContent server is capable of delivering UHD (4K) in 2D, 3D, and 4D+

-New movies delivered to the nWave iContent Mac Pro Server via our secure Cloud

-The nWave iContent server includes an iPod Touch that will display all the nWave iContent movies and games. Press and Play media – in one touch


-New trailers, movies, and special features continuously delivered to your nWave iContent Server over the cloud

-Viewing or licensing a film is quick and easy through cloud delivery

-24/7 Service – Continuously monitored; Most issues can be solved remotely

-nWave iContent supports multiple Languages

Simple – Smart– Secure

nWave iContent Basic Package

45 Question and Answer Trivia for Queue Line

Library for your theater

Interested in the technology?

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Interested in nWave iContent Films?

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