From single screens to video mapping, smartphones to tablets, Videro® is a leap forward in digital asset management that allows a simple, yet comprehensive and cost effective platform for multimedia delivery across multiple devices.

Videro® is a revolutionary, all-in-one hardware/software solution that combines the capabilities of video, audio and web content playback, media storage, show control, lighting control, digital signage, event management, and on-the-fly personalization into one streamlined and integrated application.

It’s flexible, scalable, wireless, and completely plug-and-play with the ability to raise your visitor/guest experience to new heights while lowering your infrastructure and programming costs. Using Videro® with off-the-shelf technology changes everything. Sourcing, savings, and ease of replacement is simple and reliable.

Imagine tapping into transmedia storytelling, custom content based on a user’s age or knowledge, true interactivity, gamification, seasonal or corporate imagery and the freedom to change it all at the swipe of a finger. For museums and science centers, content management and customer relationship databases can easily be integrated with Videro®. Any kind of digitized inventory is easily accessible for use in multiple ways.

This is the real Internet of Things and it is future-proofed technology at its best.

This is Videro®.

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