attractions-management-magazinePanasonic and Videro have joined forces to debut a light-activated data delivery technology, which would allow operators to send information directly to a guest’s device.

When a guest locks their device on an object lit by an LED, Panasonic LinkRay reads the light frequency to send the required data into the palm of their hand.

This could work, for example, for bringing to life an artefact in a museum, for wayfinding in a theme park or for creating hidden surprises in an experience.

“You can hold the device in front an object in a store, and all the information about the product pops up on the screen, ” Videro founder Johannes Buld told Attractions Management. “Imagine you’re looking at a Van Gogh painting in a museum; all the information arrives instantly on your phone, including the audioguide. You are always connected to content.”

This type of application would work with camera and light ID technology from Panasonic, called LinkRay, and Videro database technology. The camera picks up the light frequency, or light ID, which is pre-programmed by the user to relate to the relevant content. This means the data can also be changed by the user at any time.

Panasonic has developed a “solution in a box” mobile demo kit and will embark on a multi-city tour in the US to present this technology to customers.

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