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For the past 15+ years, Mitch has led the charge at ETI as our award-winning Technical Director and Sr. Project Engineer. His expertise includes technical design of entertainment technology, commercial Audio Visual systems, show control, video conferencing, 3D/4D theaters, live events, and enterprise-level system integration.
Since joining ETI, Mitch has designed over 200 projects globally, including SEGA “Orbi” (Japan), LEGOLAND (Malaysia, Dubai, California, U.S.A.), Pachuca 3D Theater and Dome Cinema (Mexico), Nike Campus Shanghai (PRC), Aquarium of the Pacific (California, U.S.A.), National Infantry Museum (Georgia, U.S.A.), Battle Stations 21 (Illinois, U.S.A.), U 505 Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (Illinois, U.S.A.), Volkswagen Autostadt (Germany), International Spy Museum (Washington D.C., U.S.A.), Nike Tiger Woods Center (Oregon, U.S.A.), Olympic Spirit in Munich (Germany), and Disney “Imagination Park” stores (Europe, Japan, U.S.A.).
His awards include three International Laser Display Association awards in recognition for outstanding achievements.