Noah’s Ark Exhibit

Nature of Facilities
Noah’s Ark Exhibit & Interactive

Skirball Cultural Center – Los Angeles, CA

Date of Completion
June 2007

Scope of Work
Design, engineering, fabrication, installation, training and
documentation of background audio, interactive video and audio
enhancement of various mechanical interactives.

ETI provided the audio installation of the mixed background audio play back system of various animal sound effects along with the creaking sound of a wooden ship floating in water. ETI integrated technology in such a way as to not interfere with the function and appearance of the various existing interactives.

Examples of existing interactives and functions:

Elephant Head
The trunk could be moved by pulling a rope. When kids pull the rope, it triggers the elephant sounds.

Coyote Puppet
When a nearby lever is activated it triggers the head to pop up and the mouth to open emulating the sound of a howling coyote.

Acoustic Instrument
The existing acoustic “thunder” audio sound was too low. ETI enhanced the audio by amplifying the sound without taking away from the acoustic nature of the interactive.