We provided all the lighting, audio video and show control integration. We also did all the design and installed the background music and video system. We then provided ongoing maintenance service.
Two bars with additional seating, one of which is located on the large “Euphoria Deck” allowing for both indoor and outdoor dining. While waiting for a table, guests literally find themselves in the midst of the show. Every hour or so all heads turn to the bigger than life weather map on the ceiling to track the latest coordinates of the hurricane. It looks as though Myrtle Beach is directly in the path. As the eye of the storm makes landfall, a cloud formation lowers. From the cloud a giant upside down bottle of tequila emerges, pops its top and empties into an oversized blender of fluorescent green margaritas.

ETI had to overcome two design challenges created by the architecture in the venue. First, the entire facility had a concrete floor and at least two of the walls were solid glass. This meant that ETI had to be creative in how they positioned the sound system to offset these reflective surfaces. Secondly, it was important for the venue that the large video screen inside be visible from the street even during the day. Once again, ETI’s technical expertise and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology gave the client exactly what they envisioned for their audience’s experience.