MagiQuest is like stepping into a real-life video game, the adventure begins when you enter the 30, 000 sq. ft. 4 story castle. Players known as Magi, buy and adorn a questwand that triggers over 150 special effects and remembers everything you do forever. Magi uses clues, riddles and hints to progress through the game, earn points and power, and encounter unique worlds. Whether battling a dragon or searching for the Princesses’ jewels, there are many choices of the quests and adventures to play. When guests return, the pick up where they left off. New guests, characters and adventures are added each year so the game never ends and your wand works at any MagiQuest location.

ETI is proud to be associated with Creative Kingdoms, since the launch of their concept in 2005, in Myrtle Beach as the technology integration company. Our magic is to integrate all of the audio, visual displays, show control and interactive exhibits so that the guest can thoroughly immersive themselves into the live action interactive game.