“Action! An Adventure in Moviemaking” takes guests behind the big screen and on authentic movie sets to learn about the art and technology used in the film industry. Action! includes two thrilling, interactive environments, “Meet the Moviemakers” and “The Soundstage Experience.” “Meet the Moviemakers” lets guests hear directly from the people who make movies and “The Soundstage Experience” lets guests apply what they just learned by bringing them directly on the set to star in their own movie, “Escape From Zircon”.

ETI was confronted with a host of technical challenges when presented with this project by the Museum of Science and Industry. In addition to all of the background audio and video systems in the exhibit, ETI had to create a system for the soundstage area that would enable multiple capabilities to happen at the same time. The ETI system allows the operators to capture three 2-camera scenes being filmed simultaneously. Those scenes must then be available for playback at the end of filming and be edited into other prepared footage. The final playback is not only ready to entertain guests at the end of their experience, but it is posted on the “Action!” website for them to download later. To add another interactive layer to this already complex experience, guests are not only allowed to act in the scenes, but control the audio and lighting as well.

“Action! is an experience for those who don’t spend much time in museums but who would if more attractions were like this…” – Chicago Tribune