toyota financial sercives

ETI provided design and installation services for three large format video walls using NEC X551UN monitors. A total of 77 monitors were used to provide TFS with a video canvas to display a total of 69 available sources. These sources include rack mounted computers running financial applications, 36 workstations, cable receivers and video playback devices. The monitors were broken down into three configurations; a 3 high by 7 wide on the north and south walls and a 3 high by 11 wide on the east wall. A Jupiter Pixel Net system was used to handle all signal extension and video wall processing. The video wall system is controlled via Crestron X-Panel interface running on a 23” touch screen computer.

Along with dedicated rack mounted sources, each of the 36 workstations are available for display on any video wall. Audio from the display sources can also be monitored at each workstation via a cobranet audio distribution system and Attero Tech Squawk boxes.

Due to limitations of the Pixel Net system, ETI designed a DVI matrix sub system that allowed each source to be displayed in three simultaneous instances. Any source available to the video wall could be individually sized and displayed for up to three different instances. The Pixel Net system only allowed each source to display two simultaneous instances.