Edwards Technologies, Inc. provided design and installation services for Lexus’ US Headquarters Atrium Audio and Video System. A large format video wall consisting of nine of Samsung’s new UD55D series monitors in a 3×3 grid provided Lexus with several video canvases for a variety of uses including signage and special events. Using SVSI’s video over IP products including encoders, decoders, network switch and controller, ETI was able to provide Lexus with a low cost solution for presenting multiple source images over the video wall canvas. Lexus is able to display sources including computers, auxiliary laptop connections, an Apple TV and a networked media player simultaneously over this video canvas. All source computers are accessed and control by a centralized KVM switch and rack mount LCD monitor.

A new audio system was also installed to provide high energy sound for commercial ads and special events as well as voice reinforcement. ETI used powered QSC KW series speakers and subwoofers to achieve this.

All system functions are controlled from a Crestron TSW-1050 touch panel located in the atrium as well as from a maintenance computer located in the equipment rack.

This modular approach of video over IP distribution will allow for future system upgrading without a complete system head end overall.