This was a design / build contract which included the fabrication and installation of (21) Audiovisual Systems. The types of systems included were simple manually operated conference room systems, Receptionist controlled lobby system and a fitness center for the employees. Also, Crestron Control was incorporated in the Classrooms, Video Conference Room, War Rooms, Leadership Room as well as a Room Combined Multi-Purpose Room.

In the Classroom’s training environment, Egan electronic interactive whiteboards and projection system / screen were incorporated to assist in the learning environment. The challenge here was projecting the image on either surface when sizes and image height differ. The solution was to use Panasonic’s PT-D3500U which featured motorized zoom, focus and vertical len shift control. In addition, the unit comes equipped with internal video test patterns for alignment purposes. The features were incorporated in the systems programming design using a 3rd party Crestron Control system. By using the Instructor’s touch panel all of these features were utilized for easy alignment to either surface.